Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Journey in Mica Inks

Creating backgrounds is part of my journey into mixed media. Below are some examples of using Mica Inks on coated papers and stamping over them. Classes at SAS allow me to experiment with different mediums. Mary Jo is always good at mixed media and I love to attend her classes. The top one I stamped into another sheet that I had too much ink on and used as an ink pad creating the lattice effect.  You can tell I like the swirly scrolly stamp.

The bottom one shows the smooshing technique that I learned from Judi from Judikins last fall at the store's fall art show. Mica inks give a different effect each time with the use of different colors and stamps as well as the amount of ink used. The smooshing technique is in the background - not too pronounced - look for the round shapes with petals - as I pressed the stamp into the inks and sort of smooshed or twisted the stamp and then lifted off the page. This made the single lines turn into the petals.

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  1. I really the picture of the flowers


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