Monday, May 24, 2010

More ATCs

Summer is coming up and I have a busy schedule ahead. I created this next batch of ATCs ahead of tiime for swaps so I wouldn't miss out on getting some treasured art from my Beadie Buddies. Enjoy!

  Ticket to dream was created using some lovely scrapbook paper, beads, ribbon and thread. The flower was punched from a magazine and stickles inside the center of the flower.  Fun and easy. I love these colors.

This ATC is using a Rubbermoon unmounted stamp. It says making up for lost time. I used diamond glaze over the face of the watch. It was a fun stamp to use. Originally created for the time themed swap this will probably end up as a 1-4-1.

This ATC features some extra images from the fatbook swap that I participated in - the 9-4-9 ATC swap coming up this summer is coffee themed so it was perfect. The bubble beads give a coarse sugary feel. Beware these bubble beads bouce! Wish I had purchased a bigger bag!

May's 9-4-9 ATC swap is chocolate themed and when I saw this stamp it was a must have. Bubble beads give it a glitzy edge and the ribbon and ultra fine translucent beads help finish it out.

After I created the lost time ATC I found an unmounted stamp set at Michael's and the set included a time flies stamp as well as others. This was the challenge to make another set for this swap. I got to use paper that I got for my birthday too! Black Beads and leafy trim helped embellish this out.

 This final ATC is for the swap themed 3-D flower - the ultra fine translucent beads are like dew on the petals of the flowers. I put some translucent holed beads as the center of the flowers. This was another stamp find and it was a must have.  Hope you enjoyed these!  Kathi

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pre-stamped Images - and Oops Images

This month, as I get ready to move, I came across some images I had stamped recently and over a year ago. I decided it was time to take these and make into works of art for this month's PWA 1-4-1 ATC swap. Here are some of the creations.

The face - love the pink and green - used left over green from daughter's shower invitation, old stamped image, used watercolot pencils, layered image with trasparent laminating sheet - added beads and ribbon - enjoy.

Who doesn't love this pig? And the saying is a hoot - actually heard someone use a similar saying on TV this week - Fred Thompson on the View! LOL!  Used alcohol inks on a transparency sheet back then layered over the whole card - added beads at bottom - and cute buttons - with Judikin's Diamond glaze. I love this pig.

 Dream - This card uses leftover scrapbooking paper, flower from another swap project, and an oops image (oops image is something that didn't turn out as well as I hoped - never throw away you can always find a use later!) I embellished with a leftover button and some wonderful PWA beads to anchor the card and image.

This ATC was created from an oops image that I used when creating ATCs for a recent Asian swap. Originally I created the background using Judikins micainks. To fix the oops I covered the area with some lovely PWA beads - again the colors of the beads now are awesome! I also added some stickles to the starry spots. I got this huge unmounted stamp from a stamp show in Portland almost five years ago and there was no name on it. But the series was awesome.

 This ATC was a recent new stamp purchase for me. The first impression didn't take in the middle and so I ended up with an oops image - so I added black PWA beads and a flower button using Judikin's Diamond glaze to cover the oops area.  Isn't she lovely?

Hope you enjoyed!  Kathi