Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I really liked the blog post on ordinary courage - it really hit home! Go on over and catch this week's postings. Well worth your time. (Thank you Ali for directing us there! - Ali's blog - she has so much to share!)
Throughout the day there are certain moments that seem to calm me and I feel content. My grown son saying I love you as he goes to study, my cat perching on the arm of my chair, turning her head to look lovingly into my eyes, my husband's playful smile from across the room, ahh those hugs I feel and the saying from a movie - "my cup runneth over".  That being said I am haunted by the "if only's" - if only I would get this job - if only I lost weight - if only I was younger or prettier- so many if only's - so today I say I am worthy NOW!  I have hope! I am what I am and that is good.

You are worthy just as you are!

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