Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh so Deer....

I am so bummed that my crocus and tulips have not come up yet. Apparently deer have been dredging up my beds looking for food. Some of the bulbs are out of the ground and there is evidence of many deer having visited my yard and beds. So I have been scouring last year's pictures to remind me there still may be hope. I am hopeful to see my beautiful flowers very soon! The promise of color against the drab, grey, cold sky! I laugh at the grey taunting it with bright vibrant colors, promising that soon that drab grey will turn happily to blue!

Yes I am tired of the cold and winter - what little winter we have had here. I even missed the snow! What is wrong with me? Oh well, just look above - I love how the yellow pops out! Come sweet spring!

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