Monday, March 8, 2010

Wedding Favors - Matchbook Style Ideas Only

I am trying out ideas for wedding favors & would love some ideas from people. Colors for my daughter's wedding are pink and green so she liked the pink and green ribbon. We will probably use a different picture plus add some embellishments. It is a start. It is a simple matchbook style and the paper will change.

Got any ideas? I will be creating and sharing ideas for wedding favors over the next few months.

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  1. Hello, I was lead to your blog to see the "Kelly Farms Alpacas". These animals are so beautiful and if you are or know of a spinner, their fleece is wonderful to spin. I wanted to comment on one of the favors we did at our daughters wedding. We did not have a receiving line at the reception or wedding as they were in two different places. What we did is buy Hersey Kisses wrapped in Lynettes colors, and they were put into a basket she and the groom carried to each table. As they spoke personnally to each person who came they thanked them by handing them a "Kiss". Everyone loved it. This works well if you are having a smaller wedding. It does take time to go to each table this way. But why not put them in a plastic bag attached to the ribbon picture your thinking of doing and placing them on each table. They could write a pre-printed note thanking their guests for coming. Joan H


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